Quintana's Revenge: a challenging event in the Umbrian September!

Quintana's Revenge: a challenging event in the Umbrian September!


To visit Umbria in a relatively quiet period, we suggest spending a few days concurrently with an event of medieval flavor: Quintana, which is the most difficult and enthusiastic ringleader of Italy and takes place twice a year In Foligno: in June and in September with the Revenge.

The 10 districts contend, with their own horse-knight binomial, the victory drawer. During the competition, each contender has to go along an insidious 8-way track. At the intersection of the two diagonals of the path lies the wooden statue of the Mars God with his right arm lifted. The hook, under the tight fist, hangs a ring; The riders, riding the galloped horses, have to take the ring inside through a metal lance. The Carousel is articulated in three rounds, with rings that progressively tweak. The rider who ends the route with the least number of penalties and in the shortest time possible, wins the Palio.

The evening before the race, the city center streets are crossed by the Quintana Historical Court with hundreds of appearances in scenic baroque dresses. In the two weeks before the Quintana challenge, the city is animated by events involving the entire population, alternating goliardic challenges with historical recollections. Throughout the period, the ten taverns are also open, offering typical dishes of the 17th-century gastronomy and traditional Umbrian dishes, accompanied by the best wines of the area.

Among the appointments not to be missed is Fiera dei Soprastanti, the faithful reconstruction of the market that took place in the old town. Various goods are exhibited on wooden benches and sold in strict 18th-century style.

During the Giostra of September in Foligno, the Baroque Segni Festival takes place with musical, theatrical, cinematic and the “Baroque White Night“, where shops, restaurants, museums and taverns of the Rioni remain open until late at night.