Other well known Istrian touristic destination is the town of Parenzo (Porec in Croatian language) with its region.

The magnificent geographical position, crystal clear sea and the beautiful equipped beaches make this place an unmissable attraction for tourists.

The Roman origins of the city can be seen to the urban layout of the centre focused on two perpendicular axes – the Decumanus and the Cardo Maximun – around which gather the houses and the main business activities.

The old town centre, the small town button, definitely merits a studied visit, along with the Foro (the court today Piazza Marafor), the mail square is located at the top of the peninsula, whose floor is located below sea level, the Pentagonal Tower, which gave access to the city in the XIII century, the complex of Euphrasian Basilica, composed by the church, the Atrium, the Baptisery and the Euphrasius Bishop’ Palace, one of the best preserved examples of Byzantine art, listed as a Unesco World Heritage property and the National Museum of Parentino located in the magnificent baroque palace of Sincic (the oldest museum of the entire Istria).

In addition to art and culture, the territory of Porec is distinguished by a naturalistic aspect, beeing present different natural resources, as Baredine Cave, that you can visit up to a depth of 60 meters and has a rich repertoire of stalactites and the Histria Park Aromatica, a large arboretum and a park where the aromatic local herbs and spices typical of the Mediterranean sea have been planted.

The beautiful lawns of lavender, mint, chamomile, calendula, sage and the vineyards reminiscent of the old houses typical of the istrian region.

Around the hill and among the terraces were built the dry stone walls, the walking paths and parking areas. From the top of the hill you can enjoy a breathtaking view along the coast.

The seabord, that radiates from the city centre, boasts 37 km of beaches, where in 6 km in the south of Porec, Plava Laguna and Zelena Laguna arise with modern facilities where to get all fun, sports and a lively night life.

In front of the town, accessible with a pleasant boat trip, there is the small island of Saint Nicholas with a beautiful pebble and stone beach which forms a semi-circular natural pool.

Immersed in the rich vegetation of oaks and pines, there is an area equipped for sports and the possibility to travel throughout several hiking trails.

One of the most popular attractions for adults and children is the water park Aquacolors Porec, one of the largest water parks in Europe with 17 fun and colorful attractions, 12 are in the “water”.

It is next to the tourist village of Zelena Laguna.

Another fascinating visit is the aquarium terrarium, the magical underwater world populated by freshwater fish, from the Adriatic and beautifully colored tropical fish.

Porec area abounds with a rich variety of local culinary products.

In restaurants, in the homegrown “konobe” or in the agritourism and at numerous local festivities you can choose to taste selected local delicacies.

Extra virgin olive oil of Porec area with its intense fragrance and a refined taste, it is a worthy companion of Mediterranean cuisine.

The Porec Malvasia is a wine known since ancient times. Beyond the white and the red wines, grappa (or spirits) flavoured with fruits or herbs, they are an inevitable end of a meal to be enjoyed in company.

Istrian Ham, aged on Bora wind, is part of the circle of authentic Istrian culinary delicacies.

Ham fits perfectly with the Istrian olives and with cow or goat cheese (pecorino).

Throughout the year but especially during the summer, Porec hosts many events from the national or international type, festivals, popular celebrations, cultural meetings and musical events, organized in the medieval streets of the historic centre, on the waterfront or in front of the main symbols of the city.

Athletes can find a rich offer to practice all outdoor activities.

In order to live a unique experience we suggest to walk the land on board the train Parenzana Train (on wheels), where you can also taste the delicious local cuisine and discover the secrets of lavander growers with stops along the way.

Porec, a region to live 360 degrees!