Gobino and the Giandujotto in Turin

Gobino and the Giandujotto in Turin

Who comes in Turin can not do without learning about Gobino, undisputed father of the Turinese giandujotto and of the good chocolate.

Guido Gobino is the founder of the homonym chocolate industry born in the Piedmontese chief town in the half ‘900s, after a long experience in the refinement of the cocoa. Today there are his three shops in the city fixed for the thousand of tourists that want to taste his specialties.


Giandujotto and cream Giandujas are his points of strength, the first one is the chocolate symbol of the region, with its shape of a trapeze and the classical gilded paper or silvered; the second it is a cream base of filberts. The Giandujotto production is born in the second half of the ‘800s in the shape of gold ingot, from a mix of cocoa and filberts of the Langhes, the filberts are directly toasted in the laboratories Gobino.

Besides these two delicious sweets in their shops you can find and taste, thanks to the presence of outside dehor, also cremini, praline and tablets of the most varied tastes, all made and packaged by hand.

In particular the giandujottino Maximo 39 is produced only from October to March, since it contains more than 39% of filberts. While the Giandujotto is present only in 3 variations: classical, tourinot and maximo, you can find the Cremins in different tastes: classical, flux, cappuccino, caramel, salt (winning more times), with various ganache (melting extra, filbert, bitter, vanilla, cappuccino, pistachio and still more). The choice doesn’t miss, even in winter when you want to taste a warm chocolate.

Other delicious sweets to be tried are the Vernuijs, a reinterpretation of the rhum cuneesis (the macaroons of the province of Cuneo) with meringue and extra chocolate bitter, available also with the coverage of the white chocolate, the peel of orange and lemon candied for the most definite tastes and the sheets nocciolati or tablets of thin chocolate with filberts and red fruits, berries of goji, almonds or apricots. The peculiarity of these tablets is to see how fruit sprouts asunder among the chocolate making it even more greedy. The most famous shop is found at the street Lagrange, in a central position, a stonesthrow from the Egyptian Museum and it is open the whole year.