Don’t lose these 5 places in Molise!

Don’t lose these 5 places in Molise!

If you visit the small Molise there are 5 places where you have to go!

Campobasso is the beautiful chieftown, where you have to necessarily visit the majestic Monforte Castle, placed on top of the mountain overlooking the city.
To better know the history of Molise, we recommend a visit to Sannitic Museum that contains many artifacts.
In Campobasso there are many interesting churches from an artistic and cultural perspective, but certainly worth visiting is the Holy Trinity Cathedral, neoclassical building, whose feature is the portico supporting a pediment, which is very reminiscent of the ancient temples.

You can not come in Molise and not visit the beautiful site of Altilia (Sepino), in which are preserved the four gates of the ancient Saepinum (Benevento Gate, Bovianum Gate, Terravecchia Gate, Tammaro Gate), forum rectangular and beautiful theater. A few kilometers from the archaeological site, stands the town of Sepino, we recommended the walk to the beautiful well-preserved historic center.

Bagnoli del Trigno is the common picturesque located close to a rocky massif that stands between Trigno river and the Vella river. Despite the approximately 700 inhabitants, the country is divided into two parts called terrain above and terrain below where there is a social and cultural split. The village is nicknamed the “Pearl of Molise”.

You can visit the small town of Casacalenda in an alternative way, through the MAACK (Outdoor Museum of Contemporary Art Kalenarte) in which the permanent realizations have been installed over the entire municipal area. The visit to the various works will give you a possibility to know the village better.

The visit to the beautiful seaside town, Termoli, it can not miss. It will charm you with its delightful old town overlooking the sea, where you can admire the beautiful trabucchi.
Particular interest in the village, it is the Santa Maria Cathedral of Purification, of Romanesque style, which contains the relics of the saints Basso and Timothy, respectively patron and co-patron of the city of Termoli. The representative symbol of the city is without doubt the Svevo Castle, belonging to the Norman period (XI century), who has a very simple architecture, without decoration, with defensive characteristics.

Surely these few places will let you know the real soul of Molise, that of small villages, where beauty, culture and hospitality are the protagonists!