Capracotta’s Pezzata: The plate of tradition for excellence

Capracotta’s Pezzata: The plate of tradition for excellence

Capracotta, the famous ski resort of Molise, located at 1,421 meters above sea level, attracts visitors not only in winter, but also in summer, for those wishing to get away from the high temperatures and take refuge in the mild climate of the Alto Molise.

Every first Sunday of August, Capracotta lives again in the tradition of its Pezzata, grilled lamb festival and sheep boiled with aromatic herbs.

Every year the event attracts many visitors, not only from Molise, but also from the surrounding regions, impatient to savor the genuine taste of the past.

The event has been called the day of hospitality, because, in memory of the demonstration, visitors are also given a nice souvenir consisting of a wooden fork, a bowl and a glass of terracotta.

This typical local dish is distinguished by the simplicity and easy availability of the ingredients used for its preparation, expertly dosed by expert hands that enhance the flavor and preserve its taste according to the ancient recipe of skilled shepherds.

The event was born in the early sixties of the twentieth century when the Municipal Administration of Capracotta wanted to organize a festival that could make known to all the Molise and other regions, a typical dish of the village, whose recipe reflects the roots and origins of that people of shepherds.

In this way was born the Pezzata festival, which is a dish that dates back to the transhumance that was carried out between the mountains of Alto Molise and the Puglie table. It happened that during the journey some animal was injured and was no longer able to continue the journey and then it became indispensable for the dinner of the shepherds who could cook it, after having “depezzato”.

During tasting Pezzata we can imagine the hard life of the shepherds at the time of transhumance, the difficult journey from the mountain areas to the plains, looking for pastures for the flocks.

And so it was that the Pezzata, an emergency dish of shepherds has become a delicacy that every year attracts many visitors who come to Capracotta, in Prato Gentile, to savor a typical dish full of authenticity and tradition.