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    Not only hotel rooms but also apartments and villas: to live your holiday in complete freedom, without any schedule or constriction.

    About us

    Not only hotel rooms but also apartments and villas: to live your holiday in complete freedom, without any schedule or constriction.
    This is the reason why Easy to Rent is born: to give you the opportunity to book apartments and villas all over the world, all kinds, all prices. Easy to Rent is innovative, easy and intuitive, created ad hoc to satisfy the tourist’s demands, who desires to book the most suitable property for him!

    Easy to Rent – luxury retreats has a multilingual staff, who can help you for any kind of information during your apartment choice, during your holiday and your return!
    Please do not hesitate to contact us!

    Our team

    Choose the Luxury does not mean only to prepare to open your wallet and spend a good chunk of its assets. Often luxury simply means High Quality, many times with an excellent value for money.
    For this reason we decided to classify the properties into different categories, almost like the stars of a hotel, but to lead the way are the weekly maximum prices of high season.
    I checked personally, one by one, the properties included within the portal, and I gave them the category that best suited them. Categories are also updated according to your feedbacks.


    The villas are divided into these categories:

    SILVER: Villas from € 2,000 to € 5,000

    GOLD: Villas from € 5,001 to € 9.000

    PREMIUM: Villas from € 9.001 to € 15,000

    PRESTIGE: Villas from € 15,001 to € 20,000

    EXCLUSIVE: Villas from € 20,001 up

    To be included in our portal, the villas have to respect the different categories indicated and possess the peculiarities that make them interesting for our guests.

    Valentina – CEO and Founder

    I love travelling and organizing travels, I adore sharing all the experiences I do with my family and my animals.
    My unrealized dream is to keep on working having fun….. my motto is “destiny shows you the way but it’s up to us to decide how to walk it through”.

    Thanks to Easy to Rent I can share with you the experience I’ve made in travels world and help you to choose how to spend your holiday in the best way!

    For any question please contact me! valentina@easytorent.net