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Gobino and the Giandujotto in Turin
Who comes in Turin can not do without learning about Gobino, undisputed father of the Turinese giandujotto and of the good chocolate. Guido Gobino is the founder of the homonym chocolate industry born in the Piedmontese chief town in the half ‘900s, after a long experience in the refinement of the cocoa. Today there are his three
Typical Milanese Dishes
The Milanese cuisine offers many delights that you should definitely try when visiting Milan. Let’s see some: The saffron risotto: the Sunday dish par excellence of the Milanese. Just melt the butter and saute with shallots, add thus Carnaroli rice and, on high heat, toast the grains. Add the white wine and then let it
A “sweet Umbrian event”: the Eurococholate in Perugia in October
  The Eurococholate of Perugia in Umbria is a must-see event for all the addicted of this “god food”, which is declined in a thousand different ways in this show. Arrived at the 24th edition this year, in October , the city will enjoy sculptures of chocolate, tastings, workshops and many other activities, designed for the fun of
The unmissable villages for a holiday in Umbria
  Umbria is rich in history and traditions. Its landscape is dotted with many small medieval villages that climb into the hills. These villages are authentic canvases that contain precious artistic treasures. Besides of course Assisi, famous for the churches of St. Francis and Santa Chiara and a place of continuous pilgrimages, these are the unmissable
Capracotta’s Pezzata: The plate of tradition for excellence
Capracotta, the famous ski resort of Molise, located at 1,421 meters above sea level, attracts visitors not only in winter, but also in summer, for those wishing to get away from the high temperatures and take refuge in the mild climate of the Alto Molise. Every first Sunday of August, Capracotta lives again in the
Quintana’s Revenge: a challenging event in the Umbrian September!
  To visit Umbria in a relatively quiet period, we suggest spending a few days concurrently with an event of medieval flavor: Quintana, which is the most difficult and enthusiastic ringleader of Italy and takes place twice a year In Foligno: in June and in September with the Revenge. The 10 districts contend, with their own
San Martino’s Carrese: a tradition to be lived
The Carrese is the Carrese, race of the carts drawn by oxen, in San Martino in Pensilis, from 29 April to 2 May, Tradition consolidated in the lower Molise. Engaging and exciting is the tradition that has been handed down for many centuries and which every year sees the participation of tourists and curious. The winning wagon
The Festival of the Snail of Govone
  If you are on holiday in Piedmont at the end of August, and you want to dive in the local traditions, you can take a leap at the Govone Snail Fair, which is held from 21 to 27 August. The events scheduled for this week are multiple for all ages. From the rally of
Don’t lose these 5 places in Molise!
If you visit the small Molise there are 5 places where you have to go! Campobasso is the beautiful chieftown, where you have to necessarily visit the majestic Monforte Castle, placed on top of the mountain overlooking the city. To better know the history of Molise, we recommend a visit to Sannitic Museum that contains